Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Winterborne hat einen neuen Kommentar zu Ihrem Post "Elumbus GmbH - Vorsicht - eine andere Familie - do..." hinterlassen: 

Ich habe gerade das auf Qype gepostet: 
Let me write this in English for the benefit of international readers. There are a lot of planted reviews here, so be extremely careful.

Elumbus is a SCAM!

Here is how this scam works (one version - I am sure they have others)
1) You book your ticket as usual, put in your creditcard details and then get a reservation of your trip via email. Okay - this is how it is supposed to work, you think you are done right
2) Then you get an email asking a copy of your passport and an authorization for a creditcard payment. If you don't do this on the same day, say if this shady mail lands in your spam folder (as it did in my case), you have "according to Elumbus" cancelled your ticket. Of course, cancellation costs 75 Euros. This is how Elumbus makes money.
3) Now either pay up the 75 Euros or choose a higher fare that these scammers offer. IF you dont pay the 75 Euros for a ticket, they will send your details to a collection agency. (In kasso)

Did i say SCAM by the way? 

Von Winterborne am 11. Mai 2014 11:48 unter Elumbus_GmbH - Service Wüste pur oder wie bekommen wir Geld ohne etwas zu verkaufen eingestellt.

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